Sam's Website

This webpage is for my computer science 1 class.
I am learning C#. C# is for learning windows apps.
I'm not great at programming yet, but I am learning.

To download the program used for these projects click here
and make sure to download the community version.

Goodbye Program:

September 13th 2018

This project says goodbye in many different languages.

Help Page:

September 17th 2018

This project displays a help page that describes my company and company logo I made.

Mailing Label:

September 24th 2018

This project obtained information for a mailing label and concatenated it.

Car Rental:

September 28th 2018

This project let you rent out one car and also concatenates Customers information.

BMI Calculator:

October 4th 2018

This project calculates BMI(body mass index) of whatever put into the text boxes.

Car Rental 2.0: The Sequel:

October 10th 2018

This is an upgrade on the original car rental, allowing multiple cars to be rented at once.

Test Score Program:

October 15th 2018

Two test scores are calculated and graded, the higher grade is displayed and the two scores are averaged.

Dice Program:

October 22th 2018

This program rolls dice and calculates probability of rolling each dice.

Craps Game:

October 19th 2018

This program lets you play an RNG dependent game of craps.

T-Shirt Program:

November 26th 2018

This program Allows you to order several T-Shirts.